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Your Breast Milk Jewelry Questions - Answered


Can my ring be resized?

What is breast milk jewelry?

What happens to leftover inclusions?

I have some breast milk in my freezer that is pretty old. Can I still use it for breast milk jewelry?

How do you keep all that breast milk organized? I'm worried I may not get my own breast milk piece back!

How much breast milk do I need to send you?

Will my jewelry change colour over time? Will my piece look exactly like the photo on your website?

How do I care for my jewelry and keep it clean?

How do you create your breast milk jewelry?

I would love to gift this to someone else! Do you offer gift cards?

I have a low supply or don't respond well to a pump. Can you work with less than 2 tablespoons?

Do you have any tips to help with my supply to get the 2 tablespoons required?

My skin looks red and irritated, am I allergic to sterling silver?


How long will it take to get my order back?

Can I pay extra to put a rush on my order?

Do I need to send my breast milk within a certain amount of time after placing an order?

What happens in the event that I waited to send my breast milk to you and the piece I ordered is now discontinued?

Do you accept international orders?

Do you accept custom orders?


What does it cost to ship my breast milk to you?

How do I get my breast milk to you?

Does my breast milk need to kept cold/frozen on its way to you?


What is your policy on refunds and cancellations?

What is your warranty policy?