--- Prices are in CAD --- Current production times are approximately 20 weeks from the date your elements are received ---

Finally—a breast milk jewelry option for moms that is beautiful, high-quality, and affordable.

Handmade in Canada with a variety of styles to choose from, Milky Fern breast milk jewelry is the perfect keepsake to commemorate your breastfeeding journey and this special time as a new (or seasoned) mama. You deserve it!

Why Choose Milky Fern Breast Milk Jewelry?

Milky Fern was created by a Canadian mom who loved the idea of having her own piece of breast milk jewelry, but wasn’t in a position to afford the pricey options she found online. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands! After months of trial and error, she developed the perfect method to preserve breast milk and create beautiful jewelry pieces—and found out that she absolutely loves doing it, too! 

Each of Milky Fern’s breast milk rings and necklaces are handmade with love and the utmost attention to detail—made by a mom, for moms.

What is Breast Milk Jewelry?

Maybe you’ve been on the hunt for the right breast milk jewelry for awhile now—or maybe breast milk jewelry is a new concept that you’re still wrapping your head around.

If you identify with the latter, we hear you! While it might sound a bit—well, let’s be honest, strange—at first, breast milk jewelry is a beautiful way to honour your breastfeeding journey and it’s quickly growing in popularity. Just check out our stunning handmade pieces if you don’t believe us! 

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Absolutely timeless!  I cannot thank Amanda enough for capturing my breast feeding journey in such a stunning and unique piece!


Absolutely beautiful!  I will cherish this piece forever!


Everything I was hoping it would be and more!  This was a birthday present from my husband and it is now one of my favorite pieces of jewelry!