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Milky Fern Elegance Round Danglers

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These Milky Fern Elegance Round Dangler earrings are so sweet! With a delicately patterned silver border encompassing two round breast milk stones, they're the perfect way to dress up any outfit with a classic look that still stands out. Made from 925 sterling silver and two custom breast milk stones. These danglers pairs well with all pieces from our Milky Fern Elegance Collection.  



Excess breast milk will not be returned, and instead will be stored by Milky Fern for one year in case it is needed at a later date.

Please DO NOT send your entire breast milk stash. Accidents happen, such as lost or damaged mail, and we would be heartbroken for you if you were to lose the last of your stash. We require only 2 tablespoons to create your breast milk jewelry!

Everyone's breast milk is unique! Because of this uniqueness, your stone may appear different from the one pictured. Dots, swirls, colour, transparency and other variations are all natural and normal to find in the finished product. No two breast milk stones are the same, making your piece truly one-of-a-kind!

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