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Why Did I Start A Breast Milk Jewelry Business?

Why I Started Making Breast Milk Jewelry

If you had told me when I was younger that one day I would be making breast milk jewelry, I would have laughed so hard!

I hadn’t even heard about breast milk jewelry until after I became a mom back in 2017. Even then, I had no idea that this new hobby of mine would transform into a full-on business—but I’m so glad it did!

The Search for Affordable Breast Milk Jewelry

Breastfeeding wasn’t easy for me. I hit a point where I almost gave up. I know there are so many new mothers out there who struggle with breastfeeding, and who understand the feeling of disappointment that this can bring. I feel you! 

I was so relieved when breastfeeding ended up working out for me, and I knew I wanted something special to commemorate this journey. That’s when I found breast milk jewelry, and the hunt for the perfect piece began!

However, everything I found during my search was simply too expensive for my budget. I had a newborn and bills to pay, and as badly as I wanted my own piece of breast milk jewelry, I just couldn’t justify it. 

So, I decided to try it for myself! I’ve always liked crafts (big DIY-er over here!) so I figured why not? First, I tried the DIY breast milk jewelry kits that you can order online. When those didn’t work out, I decided to start from scratch.

Nailing Down the Breast Milk Preservation Process

Let me just say this right off the bat—finding the perfect method for making breast milk jewelry was not easy! 

With so little information about how to make breast milk jewelry on the Internet, I went in basically blind. It took a lot of trial and error, and years of practice, but, eventually, I discovered the perfect formula.

Perfecting the breast milk jewelry-making process is so important, especially when it comes to preserving the milk. If you don’t preserve the breast milk properly...well,it isn’t pretty. I don’t think anybody wants to walk around wearing a pendant or ring that smells like bad milk. Yuck.

So eventually (and after spending more money and time than I would have just buying myself one in the first place), I was able to create my own beautiful piece of breast milk jewelry. Success!

Going All In With The Milky Fern

At this point, starting a breast milk jewelry business still wasn’t even a part of the plan. But once my friends found out about my newfound knack for making breast milk jewelry, I started getting requests. And then when their friends found out, I started getting more. 

I realized there is a real market out there for moms looking for a sentimental memento that is high-quality, trendy, and doesn’t break the bank.

And so, the Milky Fern was born (pun intended)! I created the brand, built the website, and started taking orders from all over Canada.

Why I Love Making Breast Milk Jewelry

There are so many reasons why I’ve fallen in love with making breast milk jewelry. The fact that it allows me to run my own business and stay home with my kiddos is just one amazing aspect!

I love being creative and seeing the outcome of my hard work. I put the utmost care and effort into each piece, and I take pride in creating a beautiful, quality product for my customers.

Because of my own story, I also love that I can provide that quality product for an affordable price—because I truly believe that all moms deserve to feel special! 

And, because of my own challenges with breastfeeding, I knew I wanted to fine-tune a process that requires as little breast milk as possible. While, of course, I use breast milk to create jewelry, I do believe in the “fed is best” mentality and totally understand that everyone’s journey is unique. This is a judgement-free zone!

Being part of the motherhood and breastfeeding community is something else that I hold very dear. It’s so important to create safe, supportive spaces where moms can discuss their struggles and celebrate their successes, and I want The Milky Fern to be one of those spaces. 

Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to learn more about The Milky Fern! If you have questions, please feel free to check out our FAQ page or give me a shout.

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